Mina Heydari-Waite

Blue House


Blue House (2017) was a collaborative project with Francis Dosoo, born from a shared interest in the aesthetics and cultural convenience of murder mysteries.

The project was commissioned as part of Wrap - Around, a showcase of artist books at the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh. The project consisted of an artist book (loose leaf pages contained in a 15cm x 15cm four flap enclosure, fully screen printed throughout), an accompanying soundtrack and a performative artist's talk. 

We took as our starting point radio and film adaptations of Agatha Christie novels and the "point-and-click" computer game Broken Sword. We find the space that these media occupy interesting, often placing violent acts of murder and bleak portrayals of human nature in the midst of richly rendered locations populated with idiosyncratic character studies and marked by a voyeuristic attention to minutiae. We chose to explore this enclave by shifting the focus of our 'camera' - moving the physical environments and incidental dialogue to the foreground whilst pushing the narrative content back - abstracting and repurposing it as a relatively inconsequential scenic component. Our camera repeatedly chooses to drift away from the moments of critical narrative importance, gazing distractedly out of windows and lingering in empty hallways - all the while catching only isolated fragments of conversation, mixed evenly with sounds of birdsong from the garden and the contented lapping of water in the pool.