Mina Heydari-Waite


NET WT (2014-2016) was a collective I founded with Sarah Jones, Eden Hawkins and Gemma Crook while we were all studying at Edinburgh College of Art. We were each based in a different specialism (fashion, photography and intermedia / fine art), but shared an interest in the hand-made and flirting with each other’s disciplines. NET WT. was a platform for collectively run projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills and research. Alongside working, collaboratively we also ran exhibitions and events.

In May 2015 NET WT ran The Open Studio; a pop-up shop, café and residency in a disused parade of shops under Cheriton council estate (Queen’s Crescent, London). The project endeavoured to foster direct links between makers and the communities that surrounded the project’s site. The project was open daily to the public, included evening events and produced multiple publications. We also designed and made work units that included features such as a cutting mat, lightbox and adaptable storage. In June 2016 NET WT hosted (and participated in) a Pecha Kucha event on 'Designing Art' led by intrepid co-founder Gemma Crook.