Mina Heydari-Waite

Other Projects

Rhythm Machine is a monthly late night utopian getaway based in Edinburgh, featuring DJ. Yves + M. Favors' fourth world soundscapes alongside conceptual art, music + performance work from visiting artists.  I drew images for and co-designed two posters with Francis Dosoo for two Rhythm Machine events in Edinburgh and Glasgow, October 2016. 

The posters where single colour risographed with hand coloured detail. 



Artist's desk, experimental artist's uniform and imagery made in May 2015 during NET WT's The Open Studio; a pop-up shop, café and residency in a disused parade of shops under Cheriton council estate (Queen’s Crescent, London).


Dressing the Curator (2015) was a series of experimental costumes, props, imagery and printed matter that culminated in the character development of Peel Eezy’s ‘The Curator’. 


Whole Lotta Winners was a sculpture and performance that took place at NET WT’s inaugural hang in November 2014 (‘MOTHER MAY I’).

// [bronze winners medal with hand embroidered neck loop on PVC and MDF plinth].

Book One

2014, edition of 20 // [zine: photocopy, digital-print, linocut and screen-print on various paper stock - housed in a A5 card wallet with screen-printed perspex slides on cover]