Mina Heydari-Waite

Peel Eezy: The Plaza


Peel Eezy is a pseudo-faux art institution, creative brand and collaborative practice of Gemma Crook and Mina Heydari-Waite. 

The Plaza was a temporary space (17.11.17 – 1.12.17, Thursday – Sunday) developed by Peel Eezy at EMBASSY Gallery. We built a structured framework for workshopping and discussion inside a spatial installation that housed the needs of the project. The project aimed to contribute to an evolving conversation surrounding artist-run activity, focusing on three key questions:

  •  What do we want the Edinburgh artist run network to look like?
  •  What uses do/could artist run initiatives serve the artistic community and the wider public?
  •  What challenges do we face in getting there?

We invited both Edinburgh’s artist-run initiatives and general public to occupy The Plaza for hour long slots, using the above questions as a starting point to investigate and speculate; generating writing, artwork and other content.

This working environment was documented in real time using an in-house risograph printer, with Mutual Press acting as technicians, converting all work produced in The Plaza into printed pages live each hour. These printed pages where collated into an edition of 50 loose leaf publications (The Living Archive).

As part of this project we also held a open discussion event (23.11.17), a transcript of which was printed and added to the archive. 


Photo credit: Eden Hawkins